Anime Like Oregairu

14 Anime Like Oregairu

Isshiki Iroha x Hikigaya Hachiman

Valentine’s Day is a holiday when couples get lost in each other’s eyes and get all sugary sweet. It’s a time to indulge in romance – or so we’ve been told. BUT NOT TODAY!

Not everyone gets hit by Cupid’s arrow and others don’t need a corporate holiday as an excuse to shower their significant other with love. So, let’s cut the romance and enjoy some Anti-Valentine’s Day anime.

Here are the top 14 anime like Oregairu-

1. Hellsing Ultimate

While everyone is going goo-goo over love and sparkles, you’ll be indulging in gore and dismembered zombies.

2. Nichijou

Hey, do you hear that? It’s the sound of your own laughter as you enjoy one of the funniest anime of all-time. You know why? Because nothing is better than laughing!

3. Gintama

Why not polish your Nichijou session off with Gintama? It’s got parodies, dick jokes, killer action, “Zura ja nai! Katsura da” scenes, and Sakamoto’s stupid laugh. Gintama has it all.

4. Natsume’s Book of Friends

Take a deep breath and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Natsume’s Book of Friends. Enjoy Takashi helping yokai and making friends you wished you had.

5. K-On!

Name something more fun than tea parties and light music. See? You can’t do it!

6. Black Lagoon

So, you’re too cool for tea parties with cute anime girls this Valentine’s Day? Then go hang out with the gun-toting mercs of Black Lagoon – and don’t forget the Hansel and Gretel arc!

7. Jormungand

The gun trade is pretty intense, right? It’ll get your mind off your lack of a love life.

8. Yakitate!! Japan

Let’s go eat some carbs, Japanese style. Yakitate!! Japan takes the pleasantness of baking and combining it with over-the-top cooking tournaments.

9. Saki

Honestly, we’ve never had an excuse to recommend Saki before, so consider this a Valentine’s Day gift.

10. Humanity Has Declined

Satire and sarcasm is the perfect way to approach this dreaded day.

11. Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade

Because you need to see if you can still feel after all these years.

12. School Days


13. WataMote

Let’s laugh at someone else’s failures for a change…or maybe you’ll just be reminded of your past pain? There’s only one way to find out. Watamote is an anime similar to Oregairu in multiple ways.

14. Scum’s Wish

Because it’ll be nice to watch someone besides yourself failing at love.


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