7+1 Anime Like Noragami That You’ll Absolutely Love!

In dire times, if you look in the right place, you may see a strange phone number engraved in red. If you dial this number, you’ll hear a young man introduce himself as “YatoGami”

Yato is a slef proclaimed delivery god who dreams of having millions of worshippers and shrines in his name. But alas, his goals are far from realistic. But, everything changes the moment he meets Hiyori, who saves him from a car accident while endangering herself.

In its entirety, Noragami is catered on the theme of Gods! That’s why it’s such a hit! Swordfighting, spirits, gods and phantoms and lastly the music make Noragami an absolute must watch. And so, the hunt for similar anime is the way to go!

1.Akatsuki no Yona

Yona, the princess of the large and powerful Kouka Kingdom is shielded from every evil in this world. But everything changes the night her father gets murdered by her lover Su-won. She’s forced to flee the palace along with the mighty general Hak. The ignorant princess is shocked by how different life is outside the palace. She along with the four dragons go on a journey of purifying the kingdom of evil.

How is it similar to Noragami?

  1. Just like Noragami where Hiyori accepts Yato despite his past, Akatsuki no Yona is a tale about trust, friendships and belief.
  2. The romance in here is pretty intense, especially when Yona isn’t able to let go off Su-won who killed her father. Not to forget, her bodyguard Hak, who is the same age as her has a strong crush that he can’t keep at bay for long.
  3. Last but not the least, the plot twist.

2.Kamisama Hajimemashita

Nanami Momozono is a lonely and homeless girl after her dad flees the town to escape from his gambling debts. When a man, who’s dog she just saved offers her his home, she gladly jumps at the opportunity. But, reality kicks in when she finds out that there’s lot of danger lurking around, especially the cranky ex!

How is it similar to Noragami?

It’s similar to Noragami in the content that Nanami is just like Yukine, who has nowhere to go. Another important point worth mentioning is that, just like Yukine, Nanami Momozono had a troubled past too. Last but not the least, the romance in eccentric.


Mushishi is pretty similar to Noragami in the supernatural aspect except for the fact that there are no super villain fights. Just like ayakashi, there are creatures called which are invisible to most people. They cause problems for humans, just like ayakashi! That’s when Ginko steps in to protect those affected from mushi.

How is it similar to Noragami?

Everything, right from the supernatural aspect to the mushi, the central theme of the anime is literally dito. Also, Ginko is pretty similar to Yato in the context that he’s a wandering god.



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