Animal Shelter Uses Pokemon Go To Encourage People To Walk Rescue Dogs And It’s A Huge Success!

Insanity has hit new heights with Pokemon Go, we all know that, but this time the newsmaker is not insane, humane! Muncie Animal center asked people to walk rescue dogs along with their pokemon on their Facebook page and guess what? It’s a huge hit! When contacted, the page owner replied that, people are now finding more joy than before in taking them for walks as there are being rewarded each time they take a dog for a walk. What’s even more interesting is people are taking pictures with their pets and posting them on instagram. Quite a noble idea indeed! The game has already crossed 10 millions downloads in less than a week and has more users than Tinder. Now, the challenge is on Clash of Clans, can they stay for a longer period of time or will pokemon go steal their place? That’s a pretty question. Before moving on to that, let’s take a look at some of the best pictures of people taking the rescue dogs for a walk.

What do you think of this idea? Do you also have crazy ideas like these?Do let me know about it via the comments section.It might change a whole lot of things. #Sharing is Sexy!

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