Amazing Raphtalia Cosplay Absolutely Worth Sharing

The rising of the shield hero has been one of the best anime of 2019. What sets it apart is it’s plot and the characters. Personally I’m a big fan of Raphtalia considering how sweet she is. With that being said, recently I got a email asking for Raphtalia cosplay tutorial. Since I don’t do cosplay and have any guides to give her, I told her that I’ll instead put up a post where she can look at the best Raphtalia cosplays.


Before going any further please support the following cosplayers as they have put in a lot of hardwork. As a fellow otaku we should appreciate their efforts as well as help them achieve their dreams. So, please follow them and support them. It’ll mean a lot to them.

Raphtalia Cosplay

raphtalia cosplay

Raphtalia Cosplay by Abby Tang (NaNa) 

raphtalia cosplay

Raphtalia Cosplay by Roll Cosplay

raphtalia cosplay

I’ll add more cosplays over time 🙂

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