Aho Girl Review: Story of a Crazy Banana Addicted Girl

Aho Girl Review: Story of a Crazy Banana Addicted Girl

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect when walking into Aho Girl. All I knew was that it’s based on a 4-koma manga about an idiotic girl. I like to think that this scene sums things up perfectly:


bananas are a euphemism for exactly what you’re thinking.

Aho Girl‘s premiere was made up of four different sketch segments, and they followed a similar formula: the heroine does something stupid, someone reacts to it, and our straight man Akuru delivers a sarcastic punchline or a suplex.

While Aho Girl is formulaic, it makes up for it for having crazy characters, meme-worthy reactions, and funny lines. But first, we should meet the principle cast, right?


Yoshiko is the idiotic star of the show. She is addicted to bananas and is in love with her neighbor Akuru.


Akuru is the icy male lead with no friends. He wants nothing to do with Yoshiko (or maybe he’s tsundere) and has all kinds of sarcastic one-liners.


Sayaka is a sweet girl with the patience of an angel. Her kindness causes Akuru physical pain.


Fuuki is the head of the disciplinary committee. She’s stacked and has all kinds of unintentionally lewd thoughts.

Yoshie is Yoshiko’s mom. She doesn’t know where things went wrong.

Despite the cast’s makeup, Aho Girl isn’t a harem. It’s a straightforward comedy about stupidity peppered with slapstick. There are some double-entendres, but the premiere is pretty clean outside of Yoshiko’s obsession with Fuuki’s boobs.


Aho Girl is a short-format anime with a runtime of 13 minutes, which I think is perfect for this type comedy. Any longer and the jokes would wear thin and a faster rate.

As it is now, Aho Girl is the perfect palate cleanser or something to relax to. The jokes move fast enough to the point that you won’t care about the duds, the cast is memorably unique, and the animation is surprisingly high quality.

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