A Piece of your Mind Quotes

A Piece of your Mind Quotes

A piece of your mind is one of the best dramas of this year. Hence decided to share some of the best quotes from the series.

Hope you like these quotes. Also, let me know which among these is your favorite.

To begin with, let’s start with the deepest quote in the entire drama.

Kdrama A Piece of your mind Quotes

If you think you are alone.

You’ll become weak and be controlled by people.

You’re not alone.

Call out everyone who loved you, everyone who loves you now.

And everyone who will love you in the future.

Deep A Piece of your Mind Quotes

I’ve seen, heard and believed in so much.

I feel exactly, precisely what it is.

I don’t distort it as I please like you.

I’m not like you.

Which among these is your favorite quote? Do let me know about it via the comments section.

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