9 Tsundere Boys in Anime You’ll Absolutely Love!

Emiya Shirou from Fate / Stay Night

tsundere boy

There’s no way you can counter the extreme tsundereness of Rin, considering the fact that there’s another lead with the same amount of tsundereness.

If you are looking for a shoujo anime with a tsundere lead, then Stay night is for you. .

 England from Hetalia: Axis Powers

shoujo anime with tsundere

If you ever wondered how a transformed tsundere guy in real life would look like, then England is your man. As a young man, he was violent and often went on rampages.

He changed his ways later on. While he’s close with America, he has a bad relationship with France for what they did. To tip it off, he has a potty mount and a sharp tongue. Despite all this he’s a tsundere boy ladies would crave for.

Killua from Hunter x Hunter

tsundere boy

They say old is gold. Hunter X Hunter is no different. At the start of the anime, Killua was kind to most people but with time his behavior changes, especially when Gon praises him.

To add to it, he gets defensive as well. He is what you call a typical reverse tsundere.

Did I skip your favorite male tsundere? Also, do let me know about your favorite tsundere boy in the comments below

On a final note, I’m looking for Anime with tsundere romance. Basically a romance anime with tsundere male lead.

To sum it up, the best tsundere boys in anime are-

  • Emiya Shirou from Fate / Stay Night
  • Barnaby from Tiger and Bunny
  • Nezumi from No.6
  • Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Kei Takashima from Special A
  • Killua from Hunter X Hunter
  • Kyuubi from Naruto
  • Sei Handa from Barkamon
  • Emira Shirou from Fate Stay/Night
  • England from Hetalia


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