9 Tsundere Boys in Anime You’ll Absolutely Love!

Nezumi from No. 6

male tsundere

At the beginning of No.6, Nezumi is potrayed as a rude criminal with no tolerance. To add it was his straight forwardness, and the hatred against people he manifested over time.

But, with time he slowly starts displaying his softer side. Despite being cold at times, he is your typical tsundere boy.

Kyuubi from Naruto

baby kurama wallpaper

People who have watched Naruto know what the nine tailed fox stood for. Hatred and self destruction.

He had the highest form of hate. Despite that, he lends chakra to Naruto when he’s in need because after all these years he doesn’t want another master to pester him

With time, Kurama evolves from being a complete dick to super awesome.

That’s right. I said it. A good deal of the time that he saves or lends his chakra to Naruto, it is because he doesn’t want someone else killing him. He wants to do it. Add some cheek blush and it is obvious tsundere affection.



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