9 Tsundere Boys in Anime You’ll Absolutely Love!

Kei Takishima from Special A

tsundere boy

Kei Takashima has just one principle, “if you have a crush on a girl, just be mean to her”. But he isn’t really mean, he often demeans girls and then follows up with suite of awesomeness.

That aside, deep down he’s a real Tsun with lot to offer.

 Barnaby from Tiger & Bunny

tsundere boy

How can someone be stoic and awesome at the same time? ask Barnaby. He doesn’t get into fights unless needed, the only reason he acts is to gain fame and hero points.

After being coupled with Kotetsu, his cold side slowly starts melting and we get to see a lighter side of him. He is like the vanilla of male tsunderes. Cool and collected!



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