9 Akatsuki No Yona Quotes Wallpaper Absolutely Worth Sharing

Akatsuki No Yona Quotes

Akatsuki no yona is one of the most underrated anime out there. The combination of great music, plot, not to forget the amazing characters makes it one of the best. If there was an award for underrated anime, then this would be the one.

Sadly, there’s no second season, only three OVA’s which revolves around Zeno. The anime has some amazing quotes, especially from Yona, who went from shielded princess to a battle hardened warrior.

With that in mind, I decided to pick my favourite Yona moments and share them with you guys. Hope you like them.

Also, feel free to add more quotes to this thread.

Inspirational Akatsuki No Yona Quotes

There are all these moments.

When you think you won’t survive.

And then you survive.

Akatsuki no yona quotes

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