8 Ridiculous Things That Happen in Every Lewd Anime Game

8 Ridiculous Things That Happen in Every Lewd Game

Games and the Internet may have embraced the eternal rule 34 that gives a million different flavors of weird and lewd. But eroges have developed their own familiar tropes that seem to happen in almost every game. Even if the game involves anything from cosplaying ghosts or magical dolphin girls, they will undoubtedly run into these tropes.

Your character has no eyes

You could be anything from a legendary hero to a normie but no matter your situation, you’ll look like a background character who never got drawn in. This makes the romance extra heartwarming in games like Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~ when you realize the best girl loves you despite you being so low budget you never got eye sockets. But at least they gave you eyebrows!

The title foretells the entire game plot in the Lewd Anime Game

“Man, I wonder what Busty Maid: Creampie Heaven is all about. It’s just not clear what the plot will be from the cover art and maid outfit. Is it family friendly?”

Only you can lead the army – that’s also your harem – against the coming darkness

Everyone knows the team that plays together, stays together. And in popular games like Japanese giant DMM’s Kamihime PROJECT R, all the girls want to play with your growing “leadership” skills. You aid in destroying more powerful enemy forces, in part, by building up the strong women in your harem army that are inspired by powerful legends like Lancelot, Arachne, and Unicorns. The more you get to know your soldiers on an intimate level, the more powerful your army becomes.


You start to think that some characters might kill you in the

Lewd Anime Game

Everything is all fun and chill until the game starts getting a little too real. You know you’ve made a huge mistake when the best girl starts asking who you’ve been hanging out with and giving you that evil smile.

Everyone is crazy strong, especially if they have a sailor uniform

Magic, destruction, and death are the tropes of choice for game designers and with it comes an ever escalating force of strong women. The innocent younger sister? She’s an absolute killer. The grandmother who lives down the road? She destroyed an entire town. The sweet school girl? She killed her parents and ate their hearts to gain more strength that she used to take over the universe.


They’re everywhere, unavoidable, and usually purple or green. You can even BE the tentacles in card games like Tentacle Bento that focuses entirely on the joys of being a tentacle monster. Lewd Anime Game.

Even modest clothing has enough ventilation to allow oppai to breathe

It’s incredible the variety of clothing there is in the lewd universe that covers characters but somehow covers almost nothing at all. Oppai Sensou – Kyonyuu VS Hinnyuu is focused almost entirely on this trope.

You have to make a hard choice at the end

Fate/stay night had so much depth.

Lewd Anime Game

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