8 Flaws In Naruto That We Wish Didn’t Exist!

Ok, folks let’s admit the fact that Naruto was one hell of an Anime. The music, the feel, the plot, everything was beyond insanity. But regardless, there were some flaws which could’ve been avoided. Let’s take a look at some of those.

  • Flashbacks, flashbacks and flashbacks.

Don’t get me wrong, Naruto is an amazing anime but there are just hell lot of flashbacks.

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They eat up a major chunk of the airing time. Sometimes they can take up the entire airing time even in the canon episodes. Come on Studio Pierrot we are not suffering from memory loss, we do not need to get reminded about how Obito died or how Naruto’s childhood was all lonely and sad all the time.

  • All right, this one is clichéd but those fillers!

We all know how Naruto is filled with non canon episodes and to be honest some are pretty good. But many of them are just not worth watching. I mean, remember the one with mecha shinobis and ninja ostriches, what was that all about?

  • Ambiguous pasts of many characters

Characters like Shisui Uchiha, Minato, Tobirama and few more required more background. We all know that Shisui was a genjustu master and Tobirama is known as the greatest water style shinobi, but there are just not enough battles to back these facts. Even Minato for that instance doesn’t have enough fights in the series to prove his prowess.

  • Naruto’s techniques

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If we talk about ninjutsus then we’ll notice that Naruto uses only four of them, namely Shadow Clone, Rasengan, Rasenshuriken and rarely summoning jutsu Accept it or not it gets pretty boring after a while. Kishimoto should have given Naruto some regular jutsus like Fireball jutsu, Water dragon jutsu and Mud wall.

  • The show’s all about Sharingan!

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Excessive focus on Sharingan. They literally made it an unbeatable asset to any shinobi. Everyone’s chasing after it. I think Kishimoto forgot about Byakugan after the original Naruto series culminated. Byakugan clearly deserved some more power ups.

  • Kaguya Otsutsuki

After creating hype for Madara Uchiha for years, one day they suddenly say that he wasn’t the real villian, rather he was a victim of manipulation! Poor Madara! It made the show more like battle of Gods rather than battle of shinobis. She wasn’t needed in the plot. Also a villian behind villian was too much for me. Madara should have been the ultimate mastermind behind the Infinite Tsukiyomi.

  • Every bad guy turns good.

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Orochimaru was arguably the best villian in the entire series. He was someone whom I actually found creepy and worthy of my hate (:p). But then after the war the guy who killed the third hokage and practically destroyed the village was turned into a gag character who roams freely around the village. They ruined one of the best characters of the series. He should have went into hiding in some forest or somewhere and should not have returned to the Leaf. That would have given an amazing plot for future arcs in Boruto. As for Kabuto, he was really annoying to me. That jerk killed thousands of people just because of an identity crisis. He should have died.

  • Not enough screen time to some characters

Some characters like Kurenai Yuhi and Anko Mitarashi weren’t given enough screen time despite the fact that they were regarded as amazing jounins.

But despite all these flaws Naruto still remains my favorite anime of all time. Oh I miss that show so much :'(

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