8 Atypical Quotes That Are Absolutely Worth Sharing!

Chronicling the life of a eighteen year old boy on the autistic spectrum, “Atypical” does a fantastic job capturing the protagonist’s mind. The family is hard to dislike, considering the way they bond and fight over small things. Most of the show’s success can be attributed to the  screenwriters, as it becomes more empathetic and believable. Attention has been paid to even the slightest of the detail. But the biggest selling point was the use of penguins as metaphors. So we decided to edit some Atypical quotes for you guys.


Atypical Quotes about Penguins

Penguins mate for life. So penguins aren’t like people, they’re better. Want to go to the aquarium?

Sam uses this line multiple times in the whole series, one of the instances being when his mom cheats on his dad with the bartender the other when Paige left him. The atypical quotes on penguins has been one of the major highlights of the entire series. Zahid’s quote are also something worth looking into

Atypical Antarctica Quotes

When it snows, it gets really quiet because snow actually absorbs sound.

This line was used by Sam to comfort Casey when she was down and wanted a hug.


 Atypical Quotes about love

I meant you want to be with someone who appreciates you for what you are. You know who loves all the odd little things about you and someone who gets you.

This line in Atypical was used by Doug when Sam was all down after he was chased out by the girl.

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