7 Things We Absolutely Hate About Boruto!

Why we hate Boruto

It’s been 36 weeks since Boruto started. It has been nothing less than a roller coaster, from the foreboading introduction to coup of the Hidden Mist, it’s taking routes which’ve never been explored in Naruto. Time and again instigating the fact that the show is all about Boruto. It’s now time to draw conclusions on Boruto.

Boruto is a mere reflection of how Naruto would’ve been if there was no war. Just like Naruto, Boruto is fearless, thoughtless and a pain in the ass.

There’s too much lovey-dovey in Boruto! 34 episodes are over and not even a single fight? By the time we reached 30 in Naruto, we had seen a battle between Rock Lee  and Gaara, Sasuke and the Hidden Sound and the most memorable of them all Team 7 vs Zabuza.

The Female characters lack the punch. Call me anything, but if I were to compare both Naruto and Boruto, one thing absolutely visible is the lack of punch and depth in female characters.

Sarada is a pure hybrid of Sasuke and Sakura, nothing more, nothing less and honestly speaking Cho-Cho is just around to not make Sarada look like she’s the only girl.

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