6 Real Life Massacres Worse Than The Uchiha Clan Massacre

4. Yangzhou Massacre
Date: 1645
Deaths: 800,000

The Yangzhou massacre took place in 1645 in Yangzhou, China, during the Qing dynasty. Mass killings of residents in Yangzhou were conducted by Qing troops under the command of Prince Dodo after they conquered the city from forces loyal to the Southern Ming regime of the Hongguang Emperor and had led to the death of as many as 800,000 people, although some modern scholars consider it an exaggeration.

3. Batak Massacre
date: 1876
deaths: 1,200 to 7,000

Batak massacre refers to the massacre of Bulgarians in Batak by Ottoman irregular troops in 1876 at the beginning of the April Uprising.

The number of victims ranges from 1,200 to 7,000, depending on the source.

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