5 Reasons Why You Should Move From Anime To Netflix For A Change!

As of writing this article, I have watched over seventy different anime from various genres, it was a wonderful ride. There were moments where I laughed, cheered and sometimes cried. The journey was wonderful, but over time I was getting tired as more and more stories started seeming similar, except a few like Shokugeki no soma and Oregairu. But I was, so for a change I decided to switch to Netflix Originals and believe me when I say it was the best decision I ever made.

Over the course of two years, I have finished over 16 Netflix originals including couple of documentaries, and all I can tell is they’re pure gold. So if you’re like me and wanna watch something different for a change I highly suggest Netflix and here are five good reasons why you should actually watch a good Netflix show.

  • Lot of original content. When I say lots, I really mean. From Narcos to Stranger things, the number of original series on Netflix is mind boggling.
  • Every show has been thoroughly researched and created with the viewer in mind. In fact, there are hardly any bad shows, each show is one above the rest.
  • The character depth is amazing. One of the things I liked about Marco Polo, one of the lesser known Netflix shows is the amount of work that went into each and every character. Right from the makeup to the small habits each character has everything has been tuned to perfection.
  • There is always a new season. Unlike anime, where the best ones get cancelled or they stop renewing, Netflix hardly has a problem with the best ones. The only good show they didn’t renew was Marco Polo, or maybe more, but that’s only as far as I’m concerned. Still, most shows get a new season. What’s more?If there’s enough interest, they do a reboot, like 13 Reasons why and La Casa De Papel which is getting a new season despite the story ending.
  • The stories are from our very own world. Most anime, with the exception of a few are mostly Shounen or mystry or magic based but with Netflix, you’ll find lot of amazing stores from your very own world.

If you would like to add something or have something to discuss, we can discuss it via the comments.

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