5 Reasons why Sasuke did the right thing by going to Orochimaru!

4. Sasuke relieved Itachi of his pain! Itachi was carrying lot of burden, the village’s secrets, Uchiha’s secrets, his secrets and his lie to Sasuke and the pain in not being able to see him or live a proper life. Sasuke became strong enough to go head to head with Itachi,( even though Itachi played it out) , he indirectly relieved Itachi. Makes sense in my head atleast!

5. Sasuke got to know about Itachi’s true story eventually and got rid of Danzo who was responsible for everything that went wrong with the Uchiha clan and the Shinobi world. If Danzo had lived on, Konoha would’ve been nicknamed as the “Bloody leaf village”

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