3 Reasons Why you should and shouldn’t watch Boku hero no Academia!

I completed Boku Hero no academia couple of hours ago and if you are planning to watch it , then have a look at my analysis before you decide to put your time.


  • The background is similar to Onepunchman, a town full of heroes with rankings and curriculum.
  • There are no deaths and there are hardly any intense moments. The fights are average at best, the only thing appealing was the characteristics of the heroes.
  • It’s more like Naruto, or not as good as Naruto.The story is based on a fit for nothing boy who gets superhero powers from another hero. Pretty lame, if you look at the plot development.


  • The characters in the show have different backgrounds and quirks, which make the show more exciting.
  • Until the second season, the plot was simple-minded. At the end of the second season, it starts getting really dark and that’s when the real villain and plot starts showing up. We’ll atleast need 2 more seasons to completely understand what’s going on.
  • There are no overpowered characters like Saitama in Onepunchman or Madara in Naruto.

These are my first impressions. Drop your thoughts in the comments, I don’t mind a fierce argument over the internet.

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