25 Places on earth where you’ll find Legendary Pokemons!


The pokemon season is on and has bought back memories. For the 90’s kids this is nothing less than heaven, hunting for pokemons and then training and battling them in real world. It couldn’t be much better! The game has taken the world by storm, so much that a Newzeland man quit his job as a Bartender to catch Pokemons! When asked he told that he was doing what he loved the most, that’s catching Pokemon. This tiny little guide will help you find legendary pokemons in pokemon go.  How many rare pokemons have you caught? Did you stumble across any legendary pokemon in pokemon go? Do let me know via the comments section! Also don’t forget to share this with post with your friends as both of you can go hunting together just like Ash, Misty and Brock!

Special thanks to 9gag user 8drake for this post


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