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Haikyuu Quotes

Adapted from the ever popular Shounen Jump manga, the story could be brought down to pretty typical shounen stereotypes. It contains  teamwork, underdog, perserverance, etc. However, in my opinion, Haikyuu integrates these themes incredibly well with characters like Kageyama, Hinata among others.

I hope these awesome haikyuu quotes added some fuel to your resolve. I’ll be adding more soon enough, till then share these among your friends on Pinterest.Also, the anime  sets itself apart from your typical run of the mill Jump product. The protagonists are relatively inexperienced and are far from being the best.

Crazy quick ‘level up’s don’t exist like Kuroko no Basuke, neither does a zone and you won’t find  inexplicable victories here. Instead, we what we see is a well crafted story with decent pacing that follows the formation of the Karasuno to their foray into the arena.

This is the reason I decided to share some of my favorite Haikyuu Quotes with you guys.

Haikyuu Quotes Fly

Humans have no wings, so they search for a way to fly.

haikyuu quotes

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