10 Things I Learnt From Watching Anime

Anime is like a magic potion to most otakus, for one very reason – “no matter which anime, we are always able to relate to something or someone”

People always ask me “Why do you waste time watching anime, what do you learn from it?” Today’s blog post is dedicated to all those people 

  1. We live in a world where nothing lasts forever yet we promise to be together forever.
  2. To understand pain you must know Pain.
  3. Everyone wants the truth but no one wants to be honest 
  4. The loneliest people are the kindest, the saddest person smiles the brightest and the most damaged people are the wisest 
  5. Geniuses are always branded as crazy 
  6. Giving up is never an option. 
  7. Life is really simple, we just make it complicated.
  8. On the path of making others happy we lose ourselves.
  9. Behind ever achiever is a shadow of loser.
  10. Trusting others too much backstabs. 

What are your thoughts on this? These are few of my thoughts. Your entitled to your opinion as well, feel free to share them in the comments. 

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