10 Things Every Otaku Can Relate To!

  1. We prefer watching anime at night with coke and chips
  2. We prefer binge watching over waiting for an episode every week
  3. We often sketch our favourite characters when we are bored in class.
  4. We hope the dead the character comes back to life
  5. We prefer anime OST over regular music
  6. Our phones are filled with anime quotes(atleast mine is)
  7. We often get embarrassed in public places for imitating our favourite characters (especially the Naruto ninja run, I bet you’ve tried it)
  8. We all want to visit Japan atleast once and be a part of their anime culture
  9. Slurp…! Tasting Japanese ramen is on our bucket list.
  10. Last but not the least, we love cosplaying.

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  1. Mena December 12, 2018
    • Shinji Nakamura December 13, 2018

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